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What does Dubsado mean?
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Pronounced: Dub-sahhh-doe / Dubsado

If you look it up in the dictionary, it won't be there that is for sure. That is because our son, Charlie made it up.

Dubsado was just an idea back in May 2015. Our at-the-time 2 year-old was in the habit of singing while he played with the toys. There was one song he just kept singing over and over.

🎡 Dubs-a-dee, dubs-a-dooo, dubs-a-deeeee, dubs-a-dooo 🎡

It got stuck in our heads too.

As the bones of Dubsado were forming, we realized we STILL had not come up with a name. Along comes Charlie into the room singing his amazing song again. We thought Dubsadee sounded like a 2 year old made it up so we stuck with Dubsado instead πŸ˜‰

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