We believe in transparency. We love letting you know what is coming. It makes us happy to see you excited for all the awesome things coming up. Now, you must know, this is NOT the full list, but some of things. 

This is in no particular order.  But it will give you a good idea of what you can look forward to.  We work hard every day to make sure we deliver the best product we can and fun features as fast we can.  Not a day that goes by without us being better than the day we were before.  We are so happy you are here for our journey!  

  • Conferencing integration - Connect Zoom, Google Meet, 8x8, and more conferencing systems to your Dubsado scheduler.


  • Payment schedule updates - making it easier to use payment schedules and breakdown payments.
  • Xero integration
  • Wave integration
  • Recurring invoice updates
  • Invoice related UI updates


  • Dubsado Marketplace - Create and have the ability to sell templates through Dubsado to other users!
  • Multiple clients (vendors) - Being able to add other people in the address book and not just clients!
  • Multi-Signature Contracts
  • Recurring invoicing updates
  • Subtile UI updates for overall continuity 


  • More workflow conditional logic
  • Multi-user Email Connection
  • Texting reminders for scheduling
  • Added multi-user permissions
  • PDF upload and signing on top of that
  • Chat feature for portals
  • More robust task boards
  • Form conditional logic.  By a client selecting one answer it triggers a series of different questions based on that answer.
  • Send questionnaires to others and not have them apply to a job / surveys (ex: similar to jotform, typeform)

To view the features we have launched and other updates, you can see those here:

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