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Why was Dubsado created?
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Written by Becca Berg
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Hi guys - Becca here!

So happy you are here and using Dubsado. The main goal we had with Dubsado was to just to make life more simple and make it look nice too. Pre-Dubsado I did a ton of photoshoots and I seriously was losing my mind trying to keep track of everything on paper. I am a paper person too, but I needed something that would remind me when I had a shoot, would keep track of my income, SOMETHING to help me stop feeling like I was all over the place. Plus, I may have lost a contract or two because I deleted it in my email.

I think I looked into every possible system on the market. Nothing was quite what I wanted and if it had some hope, the price was just WAY too much for the shoots I was doing. So I went back to being unorganized. That worked for like two seconds until I booked a shoot and COMPLETELY forgot because it never was put into my paper calendar or iCal. That was embarrassing. I knew then I really needed a system that helped my workflow, but also didn't take a million years to get set up on.

My husband, being the awesome programmer that he is, made Dubsado for me, well and for you too! πŸ˜‰ We set out in creating Dubsado with one huge thing in mind, it needed to LOOK nice (as well help with all the other business stuff). We found that creating simplicity is extremely hard. Why is it so hard to be simple yet robust in features? We brainstormed (and still do) for hours on how to get the easiest workflow in our system. That is what we are doing every day as well. Making this program more powerful in features but also making it an easy one to use.

We love our jobs and LOVE making Dubsado better everyday.

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