We are all for enhancing your brand. We want everything you send through Dubsado to shine and reflect you!

Here's how to set your brand color:

  1. Click on the gear icon in the upper right to access your settings.
  2. The first tab that will open is Branding. Choose a color from the color picker or enter a HEX color code.
  3. Save!

Here's a tip: Choose a darker or more vibrant color from your brand for the best effect. All of the text on the buttons will be white, so a very light color may be difficult to see.

Where does my brand color show up?

Your brand color will be used to style:

  • Submit/send button on all forms
  • Pay now buttons on invoices
  • Contract/Invoice/Form/Scheduler/Portal button-style links in the emails you send
  • Client-facing view of the scheduler
  • Reschedule appointment button in emails (the cancel appointment button will remain a default red-orange)

Here are some examples of what all of these elements would look like with a brand color #6977E7 (blue-ish purple):

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