If you have a PDF that you love and want to share with your clients, you can upload that PDF to your form templates. This will make the PDF available to send manually in a project or automatically through a workflow.

⚠️ Heads up! Clients will not be able to fill out and submit a PDF through Dubsado, even if there are fillable fields in your file. Only upload PDFs that will be read-only for your clients. Build a Dubsado form if you will need your client to fill in responses.

  1. Go to Templates >> Forms.

  2. In the Questionnaires column, click the upload icon.

  3. In the modal that appears, drag in a file or click Select PDF file and select a file from your device. It must be under 8MB in size.

  4. Choose a file from your device. It must be under 8MB in size.

  5. Once the PDF appears in the modal, click Add in the upper right corner.

You should now see your PDF appear under the Questionnaires column! It can be added to any project or workflow, just like any other form.

👋 Here's a tip... PDFs can't be renamed once they are uploaded. Be sure to name your file as you'd like it to appear to your clients before uploading.

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