We've all been there - sometimes a client needs to add additional services or change their guest count after paying their deposit! After changing a quantity or adding new line items, you might see a warning that your payment plan doesn't cover the invoice total. This means you'll need to make a simple adjustment to one or more installments on the plan.

Once a client makes a payment on an invoice, any payment plan installments that are paid in full will lock. This prevents those installments from changing if you make changes to the invoice or your client adds gratuity.

The remaining installments in the plan will update accordingly if you make changes to the invoice. However, percentage installments calculate based on the invoice total and not the remaining balance. This means that they are not able to fully cover the new invoice total if you've made additions to the invoice.

When this happens, we recommend changing one or more of the remaining installments to divide equally for the amount due. The divide equally option will automatically absorb any additional balance not covered by other installments on the plan.

👋 Here's a tip... if you run into this situation frequently, consider setting up your payment plan template to use the divide equally option for at least one installment. Choose an installment that will be paid after all invoice adjustments will be complete, such as the last installment.

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