👋 Heads up! This article only applies if you are on our Starter plan.

On a Starter plan, only one lead capture form can be active for sharing and embedding at a time. You can activate a different lead capture form by going to its sharing settings.

  1. Go to Templates >> Forms.

  2. Click on the lead capture form that you would like to activate.

  3. Click Share.

  4. In the modal that appears, click Activate this form.

  5. The lead capture form will activate immediately. You do not need to save your form template for the activation to take effect.

🚨 The previously active lead capture will deactivate immediately and clients will not be able to submit the form. If you had this form embedded on your website or shared on social media, you will need to replace your old embed codes and links with the ones provided for your newly activated form.

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