Connecting an Outlook 365 email account with Dubsado may involve a few additional steps.

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App passwords and two-step verification

If you have enabled two-step verification on your Microsoft 365 account, you will need to generate an app password to connect your email account to Dubsado. Trying to use your regular password will result in an incorrect password error.

  1. Select More security options.

  2. Under App passwords, tap or click Create a new app password.

  3. Save the new app password that appears on screen.

Now that you have an app password, you can use it to connect your Outlook 365 email account to Dubsado for outgoing emails.

  1. Go to Settings (the gear icon) >> Emails.

  2. Click Use SMTP.

  3. Under Email Provider, select Outlook365/Godaddy.

  4. Enter your email address as the Username.

  5. Enter the app password you created into the Password field.

  6. Click Test.

πŸ‘‹ Here's a tip... if your account still fails to connect, we recommend changing the Email Provider to Other and following the troubleshooting process here.

Outbound spam filter settings for incoming emails

Before Outlook 365 can forward client emails back to Dubsado, you'll need to adjust the outbound spam filter settings in your Outlook 365 account.

  1. Click Create an outbound policy or configure your existing policy.

  2. Update the policy to "Always allow forwarding."

After you have updated this setting, you can paste the Brand Email address from Dubsado into the forwarding settings of your email account.

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