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Legacy mode

Important info for forms with AND without custom code!

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Updated July 9, 2024

On July 12, 2022, we launched our brand new form builder experience. This update included changes to the way we display forms to your clients so that we could support new and exciting form builder features for years to come!

These changes are largely behind the scenes. You and your clients won't notice much of a difference, unless you have custom code on your form.

The necessary changes to the public view of forms affected their CSS and HTML structure. This means that if you added custom code to your form, that code might no longer work with the updates.

Legacy mode was created especially for anyone who uses custom code on their Dubsado forms. We wanted to make sure that the updates would not negatively impact your clients while also giving you time and flexibility to make adjustments to your custom code.

  • If your form DOES NOT have any custom code, you can turn legacy mode OFF without making any changes to your form! This will allow you to start using new features in the form builder.

  • If your form DOES have custom code, keep legacy mode turned ON to ensure that your form will still look the same to your clients while you work on updating your code. Check out this article for more information.

The legacy mode setting is at the bottom of the form settings panel (gear icon).

๐Ÿ‘‹ Here's a tip... the legacy mode setting is controlled per form. This way, you have full control over when to update each of your form templates. There's no need to update any of your existing forms on projects.


Can I turn legacy mode off for all my forms at one time?

No. Legacy mode can only be changed on individual form templates.

Do I need to turn legacy mode off for ALL of my forms? Even ones applied to projects?

No. You only need to turn legacy mode OFF on your form templates. Any form that is already applied to a project will have legacy mode ON by default and can be left as is.

If I change the legacy mode setting on a form template, will it update all of the forms I already sent to my clients?

No. Just like when you make any changes to a form template, turning legacy mode OFF or ON on a form template will not affect forms that have already been added to projects.

There's no need to change the legacy mode setting on any forms you've already added to projects. Those forms will have legacy mode turned ON and can stay that way.

Will I be able to use legacy mode on my forms forever?

We strongly recommend that you turn legacy mode OFF on your form templates. Existing forms on projects do not need to be updated.

While you can leave legacy mode turned ON, there are some downsides:

  • You will not be able to use any new features added to the form builder.

  • The form may not display correctly in the builder.

  • Scheduler groups (and later, all schedulers) will display forms as if legacy mode is turned OFF, even if it is ON.

  • Dubsado does not provide ongoing updates and support for legacy forms.

If your form does not have custom code, you will not need to make any changes to your form before turning legacy mode OFF. If your form does have custom code, you will need to make updates to your code before turning legacy mode OFF. This article has more information for forms with custom code.

Why canโ€™t I use certain settings when legacy mode is ON?

When a form is in legacy mode, you will notice that certain form and element settings are disabled. This is because those settings require legacy mode to be turned OFF in order to work.

To use these settings, go to the form settings panel (gear icon) and turn legacy mode OFF.

If I turn legacy mode OFF and then turn it back ON, will I lose changes to my form?

If you are using elements or settings that are not available in legacy mode, they will not appear on your form while legacy mode is ON. But they will come back as soon as you turn legacy mode OFF.

For example, letโ€™s say you edited a container element to make it full-width and added a background image while legacy mode was OFF. If you turn legacy mode ON, the container will revert back to the default width with no background image. However, if you turn legacy mode back OFF, your changes will return!

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