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Free trial FAQ
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Updated Dec 19, 2022

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How long is my trial?

You have the free trial for as long as you like! Our trial period is based on the number of clients in your Dubsado account. You can add up to three clients on the free trial.

What is a client?

A client is your main point of contact on a project.

Clients get automatically added to your address book through a lead capture or proposal form. Every new entry in your Dubsado address book counts as a client.

The three client limit applies regardless of whether these clients are leads or jobs. For more information, read about how to use project statuses.

If I delete a client, will I get a client back?

No. Deleting a client from your address book will not give you back an available client slot.

👋 Here’s a tip… Use the same test email address every time — one that's already in your Dubsado address book.

What is the free bonus client?

In your address book, we’ve preloaded a Sample Client for you to use to test features. This bonus client doesn’t count as one of your three trial clients!

We recommend using your own email address as the test client. To edit the sample client:

  1. Go to Utilities >> Address Book.

  2. Click on the Sample Client to open the client profile.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Edit the first name, last name, and email address with your own information.

  5. Click Save & Close at the bottom of the page.

gif of editing the sample client to your own name and email address

Are emails case-sensitive?

New emails added into Dubsado from a lead capture form or scheduler are not case-sensitive and will show in all lowercase. However, emails manually entered under Utilities >> Address Book >> Add Client are case-sensitive — capitalizations will create a new client.

Heads up! Duplicate emails where the only difference is a period will cause Dubsado to create a new client entry.

How many projects can I create?

Unlimited. A project can only be assigned to one client, but clients can have multiple projects at the same time.

How do I check how many remaining trial clients I have?

If you're ever unsure how many clients you have left, you can:

  • go to Utilities >> Address Book to view your client list

  • look at the orange bar at the top of your screen (make sure your screen is wide enough)

bar indicating that you have 3 clients remaining on your trial

How do I test features?

The best way to test features is to test them as if you’re a client to see how Dubsado looks from the client’s perspective!

To test features, add your name and email address to your Dubsado address book under Utilities >> Address Book. Once you have your own client profile, send emails and forms to your email address and open links in an incognito window.

👋 Here’s a tip… Dubsado recognizes when you are signed in as the account owner, so features may appear differently if you are logged in. To test correctly, either log out of Dubsado, use a different device, or use an incognito window.

Are there limits to what I can do in Dubsado while on a free trial?

We want you to have access to most features so you can decide if Dubsado is right for you! The free trial has the following limits:

What happens to new clients if I have no remaining trial clients available?

Your lead capture form will not capture any additional clients until you upgrade to a paid plan.

Can I create another brand while on a free trial?

Yes! Even if you are on a trial, you can still add another brand. Your second brand starts as a free trial with three available clients.

If you choose to upgrade one of your brands to a paid plan, you can keep your second brand on the free trial — you don’t have to upgrade both. You can upgrade additional brands to a paid plan at any time at a significantly reduced rate. View our pricing page for current prices.

👋 Here’s a tip… Creating two brands is perfect if you run two separate businesses and want to keep those clients and projects separated. Keeping them both on Dubsado allows you to easily swap between them.

What if I accidentally use up my trial clients?

Send us an email at We will add a client back for you so that you can continue your trial!

How do I sign up for a paid plan?

If you enjoy your trial, you can continue by upgrading to a Starter or Premier plan. We sure hope you do!

Please click here for instructions on signing up for a paid plan.

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