How to create packages
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Updated Jan 26, 2023

Packages are a helpful template to create invoices that you use frequently. Add package templates to proposals so your clients can easily select a service!

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Create a package template

Go to Templates >> Packages >> Add Package >> New Line Item. All items will appear on client-facing invoices.

screenshot of the blank package template


The name of your package. The default is (Click to edit name).

Invoice item name

The name of the package.

Description (optional)

Describes to your client the elements. Toggle bullet points on, if desired.

Quantity and price

Quantity is the cost per unit. Type a value of at least "1". Price is the per unit price.

For example, 10 hours of consulting for $100/hour could be entered as either option 1 or option 2:




Option 1




Option 2



10 hours of consulting

Item subtotal

Automatically calculated by multiplying the quantity by the price.

Tax (optional)

Add a saved tax item or click New Tax item that saves for future use.

Category (optional)

Select a category or click New Category to track income. If you offer multiple services, your categories might include web design, SEO, and website maintenance.

Edit or remove a package

  1. Go to Templates >> Packages.

  2. Choose the package you want to edit.

  3. Click the gear icon.

  4. Click the dropdown arrow.

  5. Click Edit or Remove.

arrow pointing to dropdown to edit or remove a package

Create an add-on package

Separate each add-on into different packages. If you combine all add-ons into one package, clients can’t pick and choose which add-ons they want.

box indicating the different packages and how it shows on a proposal form


If I update my package templates, will it affect current clients on that package?

No. Edits to a package template won’t change current clients using that package template for a payment plan or recurring invoice. To update your current client packages, manually update their invoice in Projects >> Invoices.

Will deleting a package template remove it from the proposal form?

No. Deleting old package templates won’t delete the package from your proposal form. Clients may still buy the package and the package will appear in the client’s invoice.

To remove old packages that you no longer want to offer new clients, delete the package in Templates >> Packages AND remove the package in Templates >> Proposals.

How do I add a discount?

Go to Templates >> Packages >> Discounts >> Add Discount to create a discount code. See how to create discounts.

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