Your Lead Capture forms (embedded or not embedded) have the option to redirect the client filling out your form to a different web page outside of Dubsado of your choosing!

To set this up, head to TEMPLATES >> FORMS and open up a Lead Capture form template that you have already built. Click on the Settings tab at the top to access the Redirect URL option.

Simply paste in the URL of the page you would like your form to redirect to when your client submits it. Be sure your URL is complete and includes "https://" or "http://" at the front. This could be a custom thank you page or a page explaining what to expect next!


Can I redirect clients to another Dubsado form after filling out my Lead Capture?

No, you cannot paste in a link to another Dubsado form. Contracts, Sub Agreements, Questionnaires, and Proposals must be sent from the Forms tab within a project. Submitting the Lead Capture form will generate a new project for that client, so you can head there to send a form.

If you would like your client to fill out another Dubsado form after submitting the Lead Capture, you can also use a workflow attached to your Lead Capture to send the form out automatically!

However, you can redirect your Lead Capture form back to itself! Check out this article on using Lead Captures at in-person events.

Can I redirect clients to my Dubsado Scheduler from my Lead Capture?

No, you cannot paste in a link to your Dubsado Scheduler. If you would like new leads to schedule an appointment, we recommend one of the following two options:

  1. Attach your Lead Capture to the Scheduler under "Additional Form" in the Advanced settings of the Scheduler template. Then embed the Scheduler on your site!

  2. Attach a workflow to your Lead Capture that sends a scheduler invite to your client via email.

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