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Dubsado’s video content, all in one place

All our video resources and past webinars get posted on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to stay up to date!

Dubsado education courses

Get started with free online courses that we onboard our team with! These lessons walk through each feature and setting so that you can build your Dubsado account with confidence. Once you enroll in a course, you will have unlimited, on-demand access to the training material.

Video guides

Tailored videos from our YouTube playlists to help you get started in Dubsado.

Get started

Create and send an invoice

Scheduler settings

Create a lead capture

Create a contract

Webinar series

Dubsado setup

This webinar series walks you through setting up Dubsado for the first time. We will start with a brand new account and build it into a fully functional account with advanced automation and workflows!

Forms workshop

This series walks you through all you need to know about contracts, sub-agreements, questionnaires, proposals, and lead capture forms.

Advanced scheduler techniques

Industry-specific ways to use our scheduler.

Advanced scheduler workshop

This webinar looks at two popular methods for bringing new leads into Dubsado (lead capture vs. scheduler) and how to decide which one works best for your business. We'll also cover the important differences in your workflow based on the method you choose.

Dubsado and Zapier

Zapier automates repetitive tasks without coding. This webinar series starts with the Zapier basics and ends with advanced filters and paths.

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