Customize the form completion alert
Customize the pop up message that appears when your client completes a form.
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πŸŽ‰ This article is written for our new form builder! If you are still using the old form builder, check out this article to make the switch to the new form builder.

When your client submits a form, a completion alert will pop up on screen. This alert is a great opportunity to keep all your messaging on brand and remind your client of next steps.

  1. Open a form and go to the Form settings tab (gear icon).

  2. Under General settings, customize the Completion alert header and Completion alert body. The header is the big bold text and the body is the smaller text underneath.

  3. Save the form.

Repeat these steps for each of your form templates to customize all of your completion alerts!


Where is the completion alert on the lead capture form?

Lead capture forms have a thank you message instead of a completion alert. This message can also be customized in the settings for each lead capture form.

Why is the completion alert not showing up when the form is submitted?

One reason a completion alert may not show up is if you are testing your own form while logged into Dubsado. Log out of Dubsado before testing or use an incognito/private browser window to test your form.

Another reason you won’t see a completion alert is because of how the form is being shared. Whenever the client must complete multiple steps, individual completion alerts will not appear:

  • scheduler with attached form

  • proposal-contract-invoice (neither the proposal nor the contract completion alert will appear)

  • proposal-contract (only the contract completion alert will appear)

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