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Show the client’s name and address on invoices
Show the client’s name and address on invoices
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Updated Nov 13, 2023

By default, a Dubsado invoice will show your client’s name and address.

invoice with arrow pointing to client's name, company name, and address

If you don’t see your client’s address listed on an invoice, you may not have captured the client’s address in Dubsado. Go to Utilities > Address Book to open your client’s profile and check that the client’s address is filled out under Address.

👋 Here’s a tip... If the client’s address is in Dubsado but you don’t see it on the invoice, double-check that you didn’t override the invoice setting for that specific invoice.

Change the default invoice name and address

To change what appears on an invoice by default, go to Settings > Payments and invoices and scroll down to Invoice settings. You’ll see the following options:

  • Client name (default)

  • Company name

  • Client name and company name

The company name will only appear if you have something listed in your client’s profile under the Company section. You can add this information by going to Utilities > Address Book.

client's company's name listed in dubsado

Selecting Client name and company name will list both on the invoice.

invoice with arrow pointing to client's name, company, address

Show a client’s shipping address

If you want the client’s shipping address to show instead of a personal address, make sure an address is filled out for your client in the Shipping Address section. Otherwise, the client’s personal address will always show.

arrow pointing to client's shipping address

Heads up! It’s not possible to show both the personal and shipping address. If you have a shipping address in Dubsado, that will always override the personal address and appear on the invoice.

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