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Override the “bill to” name for specific invoices
Override the “bill to” name for specific invoices
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Updated Nov 13, 2023

There are default invoice settings that allow you to choose between showing the client’s name, a company name, or both on an invoice. These invoice settings are applied to all created invoices, but you can override this default setting for specific invoices within a project! For example, if you have a client where you want to address their invoice differently from the rest of your invoices.

Heads up! If your project has multiple invoices, overriding the invoice setting will apply to all invoices within the same project.

To override the default invoice settings for specific projects:

  1. Go to Projects and select a project.

  2. Click on the Invoices tab.

  3. Click on the Invoice Options header.

    arrow pointing to invoice options override button
  4. Under Invoice Options, select Override. Additional options will appear.

  5. Select the option that you want to appear on the invoice.

  6. Click Save.

👋 Here’s a tip… After saving your changes, you can preview the invoice to see how it looks with the overridden options.

Revert to the default settings

You can tell if a project’s invoices are overridden by opening the project and going to Invoices > Invoice Options. If you see a button that says Revert to Default, then the project’s invoices are overridden and are not following the default invoice setting.

arrow pointing to revert to default button

Click the Revert to Default button to revert this project’s invoices to default settings.

Heads up! Don’t just click the same option as the default setting, or your invoice will still be overridden! The only way to bring the invoice back to default settings is by clicking Revert to Default.

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