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Payouts that are missing, changed, postponed, or failed
Payouts that are missing, changed, postponed, or failed
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Updated Feb 20, 2024

🎉 Dubsado Payments powered by Stripe is slowly rolling out to existing Stripe users ahead of our general launch in April 2024! Keep an eye on your email for updates.

From time to time, payout issues may occur. If you experience a payout issue, your funds will not disappear — you’ll want to first check your Stripe Dashboard or email for guidance from Stripe.

Missing, changed, or postponed payouts

According to Stripe, most payout issues occur because of one of the following situations:

  • You notice that the payout date was changed or moved back

  • You accidentally entered incorrect bank account details

  • The payout appears in your bank account, but not for the full amount that you expected

  • The payout is completely missing from Stripe

For answers to these specific concerns, see Stripe’s help article on missing, changed, or postponed payouts.

Failed payouts

A failed payout may occur if your bank account can’t receive the payout. In those cases, your funds will be returned back to Stripe, but keep in mind that can take up to 5 additional business days for your bank to return the payout and inform Stripe that it failed.

If a payout fails, you’ll be notified with an email from Stripe. You can also see it by going to your Stripe Dashboard, which will initially show the payout as paid, but then will be changed to failed. The dashboard will also show an error code with the reason for the failed payout.

To resolve the failed payout, you may need to contact your bank or re-enter bank account details in Stripe. After you find the reason for the failed payout, you can reactivate the payout by going to your Stripe account and clicking Resume Payouts.

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