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Switch from Legacy Stripe to Dubsado Payments
Switch from Legacy Stripe to Dubsado Payments
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Updated May 7, 2024

πŸŽ‰ Dubsado Payments powered by Stripe is slowly rolling out to existing Stripe users ahead of our general launch in April 2024! Keep an eye on your email for updates.

Most existing Stripe accounts are eligible for automatic enrollment to Dubsado Payments. However, some accounts may need to take a few additional steps.

As determined by Stripe, your Stripe account gets assigned to one of the following categories:

  • Automatic upgrade: Your Stripe account is automatically enrolled in Dubsado Payments. There is no action for you to take.

  • Account duplication: Stripe will copy the account and business information from your regular Stripe account and create a Dubsado Payments account for you. There is no action for you to take unless Stripe contacts you for updated information or a data review.

    • During this process, there are no disruptions to open invoices or autopay.

    • After your account has been duplicated, you can access both the old Stripe account and the new Dubsado Payments account through your Stripe Dashboard using the same login credentials.

  • Re-onboard: You may need to onboard again using a different Stripe email.

We will reach out to you with specific details for your account.

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