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Instant Payouts with Dubsado Payments
Instant Payouts with Dubsado Payments
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Updated April 16th, 2024

Through our partnership with Stripe, we're excited to offer Instant Payouts with Dubsado Payments! This feature allows you to access your Stripe balance immediately after a successful charge, giving you faster access to your hard-earned money. You can request an Instant Payout any day or time, including weekends and holidays, with funds typically settling in your linked bank account or debit card within 30 minutes.

If funds are acquired from a client's card payment, they'll be available for an Instant Payout as soon as the charge is complete. ACH payments are only available for Instant Payouts after the payment has settled.

Eligibility and requirements

To be eligible for Instant Payouts, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must have a positive balance in your Stripe account.

  2. You must have an eligible payout account linked to your Stripe account.

  3. New Stripe users may not be immediately eligible for Instant Payouts. Check your eligibility in your Stripe Dashboard.

Daily volume and payout limits

Every Dubsado Payments account will be limited to a maximum Instant Payout amount per day. You can check your Stripe Dashboard to see your daily volume and current maximum Instant Payout amount.

In addition to your maximum Instant Payout amount per day, you're limited to a maximum of 10 individual Instant Payouts per day. After you've reached the daily amount limit or the daily transaction limit, you won't be able to initiate additional Instant Payouts until the daily reset occurs.

The daily reset time will depend on your region:


Daily Reset Time

US & Canada

Midnight US Central Time

United Kingdom

Midnight London Time


Midnight Singapore Time


Midnight Sydney Time

An Instant Payout amount will be applied to the daily limit of the day it was requested. For example, if you were to request an Instant Payout just before midnight on Tuesday, and the funds reach your account just after midnight Wednesday morning, that Instant Payout amount would be applied to Tuesday's daily limit.

Requesting an Instant Payout

Requesting an Instant Payout is quick and easy! Just follow these steps below:

  1. Check your available balance and click Pay out funds.

  2. Add an eligible Instant Payout method if you haven't added one yet (you only need to add a method once).

  3. Select the amount you want to receive, up to the maximum available, subject to daily volume limits.

  4. Confirm your payout, and your funds will be paid out immediately! Funds are typically available in your payout destination within minutes.

Instant Payouts can’t use alternative currencies. For example, an Instant Payout to a Canadian business must be in CAD. See Stripe's page on alternative currency payouts for more information on how to receive payouts in a different currency than your primary currency.


Stripe charges a fee for Instant Payouts, which varies by country. See below for a breakdown of fees and with the minimum and maximum payout amounts for each country:



Minimum Payout Amount

Maximum Payout Amount

United States


0.50 USD

9,999 USD



0.60 CAD

9,999 CAD

United Kingdom


0.40 GBP

9,999 GBP



0.50 SGD

9,999 SGD



0.50 AUD

9,999 AUD

Managing payout methods

To receive Instant Payouts, you must have an eligible payout account linked to your Stripe account. Eligible external account types vary by country:

  • United States: Debit card; some bank accounts

  • Canada: Debit card

  • Singapore: Debit card

  • Australia: Debit card

  • United Kingdom: Bank account

For any of the countries listed above, check here to see if your debit card or bank account is supported for Instant Payouts.

You can manage your payout accounts in the External payout accounts and scheduling section in the Stripe Dashboard Settings tab. For security reasons, you can't edit card details – to update a card, remove it and add it as a new card.

If you have any questions about Instant Payouts with Dubsado Payments, please reach out to our Customer Care team for assistance!


How do Instant Payouts affect my normal payout schedule?

Instant Payouts won't affect your regular payout schedule. Any funds not paid out using Instant Payouts will still be sent to your payout destination according to the payout schedule you've set up in your Stripe Dashboard Settings tab.

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