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Transaction receipts
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Updated May 2, 2024

Automatic transaction receipts are exclusive to Dubsado Payments powered by Stripe, and are not available when connected with other payment processors.

When a client makes a payment, Dubsado will automatically email a receipt to the client for their transaction.

How transaction receipts work

In order to utilize transaction receipts, you won’t need to lift a finger! When you’re connected to Dubsado Payments, transaction receipts will be turned on by default. Additionally, you won’t be able to edit or turn off transaction receipts - but transaction receipts are part of what keeps you compliant if you choose to enable surcharging.

After a payment is recorded, the transaction receipt will be automatically generated and sent using your connected email account (Settings ➔ Email).

To view a sent transaction receipt, head to the project of a client who has made a payment. The transaction receipt will be listed under the Emails tab, just like your other sent emails.

Transaction receipt layout

By default, your brand logo will be displayed in the upper lefthand corner of the receipt. Below your brand logo, a thank-you message will be displayed, which will include the client’s first name.

The total will then be listed, along with your brand name and a breakdown of important details for the transaction such as:

  • the exact date and time of the transaction

  • payment method

  • a surcharge fee (if applicable)

  • total amount paid

Below the breakdown, clients can click the View invoice link to be taken directly to the invoice they’ve made a payment on.

At the bottom of the receipt, clients will be instructed to reach out to your brand email address (Settings ➔ Branding) if they have any questions.

Transaction receipts with surcharging

If a surcharge was collected on a given transaction, the surcharge amount will be itemized on the receipt.

An itemized transaction receipt with the surcharge displayed separately is required in order to maintain compliance with surcharging regulations. This line item on the transaction receipt will always be displayed if a surcharge was collected.

Looking for more information about surcharging? Check out our article on Dubsado's surcharging feature.

Stripe receipts

Separate from Dubsado’s automatic transaction receipts, Stripe also allows you to automatically generate payment receipts for payments accepted through Stripe. Enabling Stripe’s receipts would result in your clients receiving duplicate receipts for payments accepted through Dubsado Payments.

We recommend taking a moment to double check your settings within Stripe.

  1. Log in to your Stripe account and head to Settings ➔ Business.

  2. Click the dropdown menu under “Business” at the top of the page, and then select Customer emails.

  3. Toggle the Successful payments option off if this setting is enabled. This will disable Stripe’s automatic receipts.


If I manually log a payment, such as when a client pays with a check, will my client still receive a transaction receipt automatically?

Manually logging a payment will not trigger an automatic transaction receipt. Transaction receipts will only be automatically sent for payments accepted through Dubsado Payments powered by Stripe.

If you wish to send your client a receipt after manually logging a payment, you can send the client an email with a link to their invoice, which will display the manual payment.

Why can’t I edit or customize how the receipts appear?

In order to maintain consistency and transparency with our receipts, we’ve decided to keep transaction receipts standardized. But, your brand logo will be displayed on the receipt, and your brand color used on the “View Invoice” button!

Will my address appear on my transaction receipts?

Your address will not appear on your transaction receipts.

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