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Replying to emails in the mobile app
Replying to emails in the mobile app
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Updated July 8, 2024

Did your client send you an email while you’re out and about? Reply to them straight from the Dubsado mobile app!

Project emails overview

Just like Dubsado’s desktop application, sending and receiving emails in the Dubsado mobile app uses your connected external email account. Emails sent from the Dubsado mobile app will be sent from your email account, and emails received will appear within Dubsado and within your external email inbox.

Keep in mind that emails can only be forwarded into Dubsado if they are sent from an email that’s saved in your Dubsado address book.

To make changes to your email settings, log in to Dubsado’s desktop site and navigate to Settings ➔ Emails.

The general inbox isn’t ready quite yet - but will be added with future updates!

For now, if you receive an email that isn’t a part of an existing thread, you can log in to Dubsado on desktop to assign that email to the proper project by clicking the envelope icon at the top of the page. Then, that email can be viewed and replied to within the mobile app.

Reply to an email

To send a reply in an existing email thread, tap on the thread from the Emails tab.

The entire conversation will displayed, with the newest emails displayed at the bottom of the thread. Below the last message, tap Write a message to begin composing a reply.

Reply vs. reply all

If the previous message had more than one recipient, you can tap Reply at the top of the screen to access the Reply all option, if you wish to reply to the additional recipients on the thread.

You can remove recipients from your reply by tapping their name and then tapping the backspace button in the keyboard.

Once you’re finished, tap the Send button and you’re done!

🔥 New feature: Drafts!

Within the Dubsado mobile app, any reply you type up will be automatically saved as a draft. You can minimize the email composition window by clicking the down arrow in the top right corner and then head to other project tabs or other projects. Return to the email thread any time and your draft will be waiting for you!

Mobile App Roadmap

Curious about features and functionality that we plan to add to the mobile app? Check out our mobile app roadmap to see of a full list of the features we’re planning and working on! There, you can let us know how important our upcoming updates would be to you, and submit new ideas.

Don’t forget that you can chat our Customer Care team anytime by sending an email to, or by heading to the More tab within the mobile app.

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