Dubsado is always here to help you.  So if you need help getting set up, head through one of these channels:

Free 1:1 Calls 

If you need to walk through something on your account specifically, talk through processes and strategy, or just get a run through of the system.... you can book a free 1:1 call with us.

45 Minute Calls

If you need a longer 1:1 call, we do offer a 45 minute call.  This longer call is $50, but it will allow for more time to help dive into whatever questions you might have.  You can book a 45 minute call here.

Free Form Recreation

If you have templates outside of Dubsado and are looking to recreate those in Dubsado, you can email up to 10 over to us and we can input them into Dubsado for you for free.  (email: hello@dubsado.com) If you have more than 10 forms, see our set up services below...

Set up Services

If you need help in creating workflows, payment schedules, more than the 10 free forms, and just getting your account set up, our Set Up Services has us building your account for you.  These prices vary.  See link for more information.

Free White Glove Migration Services

If you have data in an old CRM and are looking to move it over to Dubsado, the Data Migration Services are perfect for you.  We enter in clients and jobs up to 2 years back!  Apply their forms and contracts they have filled out to their profile and more.  Click here for all the details.

The 6-week Intensive 

Complete Hands-on Training.Your Personal Tour Guide in Dubsado.
We've developed a foolproof roadmap to getting set up in Dubsado. With each weekly 45 min. 1:1 session, we'll help you construct your process from the ground up.
More info about that here!


We host webinars often on walkthroughs of the entire system or specific areas.  Click here for the webinars we have coming up!  

Chat support 

Our chat support hours are:
1am - 9pm pst Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm pst Saturday - Sunday

Phone support

Fill out this form and we can give you a call.  Our phone support hours are:
9am - 5pm pst Monday - Friday

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