To save tons of time with data entry later, if you are planning to go to an event where you are capturing quick client info, lead captures are perfect for that.  In this article I am going to show you how to create a lead capture form and once a client fills it out, it will take it right back to a new form for the next lead!

Head to TEMPLATES >> FORMS and create a lead capture.  

We recommend to keep it brief as you want your leads to be able to fill out quickly.  The 3 things that are needed are the first name, last name and email fields. Be sure these fields are also mapped to pull into Dubsado.

Once you have your lead capture created, SAVE it. Click back into the lead form click SHARE to find the URL and copy it.

Once the URL is copied, head back into the lead capture form to EDIT, then click SETTINGS.

Add a the copied URL to the redirect section.  

Once the lead capture form is completed by one client, it will refresh and open a new page for the next.

So, your lead capture form is all set.  With the URL still copied, use that to pull up the lead capture form on your ipad or mobile device.

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