Mapping fields is the ability to take a client's response and input it into the Dubsado interface.  
Currently, these are the pre-made fields you can map (don't see a field you want here, you can create your own with Custom Mapped Fields):

  • Client First Name
  • Client Last Name
  • Client Email Address
  • Client Phone Number
  • Alt Contact First Name
  • Alt Contact Last Name
  • Alt Contact Email Address
  • Alt Contact Phone Number
  • Company Name
  • Address line 1
  • Address line 2
  • City
  • State/ Province
  • Country
  • Job Address line 1
  • Job Address line 2
  • Job City
  • Job State / Province
  • Job Zip / Postal
  • Job Country

To map a field, in the edit mode of a form, add a short answer field or date select field and choose your mapping options:  

You can only map with short answer and date fields.  Free responses, yes or no questions, etc... cannot be mapped.


When you map fields and those fields are already mapped, it will refill in that box for them.  They can change it though!

Lastly, if something is already mapped and a client changes that mapped field, it will overwrite what was mapped.  So like above, Elizabeth was already in Dubsado, if Elizabeth changes her name to "Biz", "Biz" is what would show in Dubsado.

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