What are recurring payments/invoices?

Sending your clients invoices automatically over a period of time or infinitely until ended.  


Head to a job or a lead and click INVOICES. 

Next click RECURRING INVOICES and then ADD to create a new recurring!

It then takes you to the page to screen to set that up.  

Note: If you wish to use a payment schedule on a recurring invoice, use Relative Due Dates for each payment due. This way the Due Dates on the payment schedule will update with each invoice sent through the recurrence. 

After that click START RECURRENCE and now it will auto send to your clients.

CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO SET UP AUTO DEDUCTIONS so it takes payment from the client recurring automatically.

NOTE: You cannot create these recurring payment features in proposal yet.  This can currently be done in jobs or leads.  Once we know we have worked out any potential bugs, then we will allow your clients to be able to choose recurring from a proposal. 

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