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Send an invoice

How to send an invoice to your clients.

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Updated Aug 7, 2023

How to send an invoice to your client. For information on how to create an invoice, click here. To edit or delete an invoice, click here.

🚨 You can’t receive payments until you have a payment processor connected to Dubsado. You can connect a payment processor to Dubsado with Stripe, Square, or PayPal.

Send an invoice manually

Sending an invoice requires two steps:

Add the invoice to the client’s project

Go to Projects >> Invoices to add an invoice. There are two ways to add an invoice:

  • Click Packages to add an invoice template. Editing the package directly within the project won’t change the package template.

    arrow pointing to packages button
  • Click New Line Item to create an invoice within the project.

    arrow pointing to the new line item

Send the invoice

You may want to preview your invoice to ensure all applicable details are on the invoice before you send it. When you’re ready, click Send >> Via Email to create an email draft with the invoice appearing as a link.

Edit the default invoice email by going to Templates >> Canned Emails >> Edit Templates >> Send Invoice.

Download the invoice as a PDF

Click Send >> Open in New Window to download the invoice as a PDF, then email the PDF as an attachment. Sending an email with a PDF can’t be automated.

Send an invoice automatically

To send an invoice automatically, you'll need to use a workflow — specifically with the Send Primary Invoice workflow action.

A workflow always sends your primary invoice — this only matters if you have multiple invoices in the same project.


I added an invoice to the client’s project but I don’t see it.

Click Invoice List to see all available invoices.

The invoice isn't sending and I am getting an error.

There may be an issue with your email connection. Go to Settings >> Emails to disconnect and reconnect your email.

How do I see if an invoice has been sent and read by a client?

Go to the client’s project and click the Emails tab. Select the email with the invoice link. Under the email, you'll see whether the email has been sent and read.

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