Have an existing client list outside of Dubsado? Here’s how to import a CSV file of clients into your Dubsado address book.

You’ll need:

  • A paid Dubsado plan (not available to trial users)
  • A .csv file of your contacts

TIP: A maximum of 1000 clients may be imported at one time, so you may need to split your .csv up into multiple files and repeat the import process for each if you have more than 1000 clients.

Head to UTILITIES >> Address Book and click IMPORT at the top right.

Once you click IMPORT it will take you to the page where you can upload your CSV file. Click BROWSE to locate your file (best supported on Chrome).

A preview of your data will then generate below. The preview will only show a partial list, but the final import will bring in the entire CSV.

Dubsado will make a best guess based on the title of each column, but you will need to use the dropdowns to match your CSV column titles with the data Dubsado can import.

You can import the following data:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Company Name
  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Zip/Postal
  • Country
  • Custom Mapped Client Fields

Any columns in your CSV that you DO NOT map into one of those options will go into the NOTES on that client. You will be able to select which columns of data you want to import as notes, and which you would like to leave out.

Once you are done mapping your columns, you’ll need to decide how you want the clients to import into Dubsado:

Import to Address Book Only

This is the default option with “Import as Leads” unchecked. This will enter all of your clients into the address book only and not create new projects. If you would like to create a new project with one of the clients you imported, you can go to the projects page, click New Project, and then select the client from the dropdown list.

Import as Leads

When you check the “Import as Leads” option, Dubsado will create a new project for each of your leads. The project will be titled with the client’s first and last name and will appear under the “All Leads” status on the projects page.

Importing clients as leads will also give you some additional fields that you can map from your CSV:

  • Job Start and Job End
  • Custom Mapped Job Fields

When you are happy with the preview, click SUBMIT to begin the import. If you have a very large list, please allow a few minutes for the import to complete. You will now be able to view your clients under UTILITIES >> ADDRESS BOOK.


Client Import FAQ

My data isn’t showing up correctly in the preview

This may be related to the formatting of your CSV file. Open up your CSV in Google Sheets or Excel to check the formatting:

  • The first cell of every column should be a header for the data in that column (i.e. "First Name," "Email," "Phone").
  • There should only be ONE row of cells for the headers and nothing above it. Delete any extra rows.


What if I have an Excel Sheet or Google Sheet?

If you already have your contacts in a Google Sheet or Excel Spreadsheet, you will need to export it as a CSV file so you can import it into Dubsado. Follow the tips above to ensure your data is formatted correctly.

I need to import more data than the default First Name, Last Name, Email, etc.

No problem! Before importing, you can create custom mapped client and/or job fields for your additional data. Learn more about creating custom mapped fields here.

What happens if I import a client that already exists?

Uploading a CSV file will create a new entry for each of the clients on that list, duplicating any clients who already exist in your Dubsado Address book. We recommend uploading a file of only clients who do not yet exist in Dubsado.

If you do happen to import a duplicate client, carefully review both client entries and only delete the newly imported one, as removing clients from the address book will wipe all information associated with that client including jobs and invoices. There is no way to merge two clients.

Can I start a workflow automatically on all the new clients I import?

No, a workflow cannot be initiated from a CSV client import. If you would like to start a workflow on all of the clients on your list, we recommend turning on Import as Leads so that a project gets created for each client. You can then go into the Workflows tab of each project to manually apply a workflow.

I made a mistake importing my clients. Can I start over?

You sure can! Just click “Remove Project and Client Imports.” This will remove ALL the clients you have ever imported via CSV and any projects created during import if you had “Import as Leads” turned on. It will not affect clients or projects that you have manually created in the system, but we recommend using caution when clicking this button, as the effects are irreversible.

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