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Customize your Dubsado URLs

Use your own domain name! Set up a CNAME and connect it to Dubsado so that your clients will see your branded domain when you send a link.

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Updated Jul 31, 2023

By default, links in Dubsado use the URL This includes links to invoices, forms, schedulers, or client portals. Creating a custom mapped URL lets you change the Dubsado URL to your own domain name, so your clients won’t see any Dubsado branding.

For example, will become or

Set up custom URL mapping

Go to Settings >> Domain names. There is a two step process under Custom URL mapping to change your URLs:

screenshot of the custom url mapping section in dubsado

Step one: Creating the base URL

The first step involves creating a CNAME record with your domain host.

🚨 Every domain host is different, so Dubsado can’t provide CNAME instructions specific to yours. The below steps may not include everything required for your domain host.

If you need additional assistance, reach out to your domain host or review their help articles.

To create a CNAME on your domain:

  1. Decide what your CNAME will be. The CNAME refers to the first part of your URL. For example, in the URL, your CNAME is portal. Others commonly used are hello, client, or dashboard.

    • Creating a CNAME won’t eliminate the characters that come after .com. These characters are necessary for linking to specific invoices or forms.

  2. Log in to your domain host and locate your DNS settings. These settings might be found in the cPanel or an advanced settings area.

  3. Add a new DNS record.

  4. For the type, select CNAME.

  5. There should be a field called host, record, or name where you can enter the CNAME you chose. Refer to your host for specific instructions.

  6. In a data or value field, enter This is where the CNAME will point to.

Once you're finished, you should see a record that looks similar to the example below. The example uses the name portal:

screenshot of a CNAME example in a domain host

Step two: Verifying the URL

After you’ve made your CNAME, you map it to Dubsado.

🚨 After setting up your CNAME, it may take a few hours (but up to 48 hours) for the record to become fully active. The delay is due to internet propagation, which means that servers across the internet need time to update all records of the name change.

The steps below will not work until your CNAME has propagated fully.

To map your CNAME to Dubsado:

  1. Go to Settings >> Domain names.

  2. Enter your new CNAME URL into the URL field. For example,

  3. Click Verify.

  4. Remain on the page until you get the verification from Dubsado. If the verification is successful, you'll see your custom URL appear.

    • If you see any errors, it's likely because the CNAME wasn’t set up correctly. You’ll need to contact your domain host.


Can I change my CNAME?

Yes. However, we don’t recommend changing your CNAME. Changing your CNAME means all previous links with the old CNAME will be broken. You would need to resend all new links with the new CNAME.

Can I use the same CNAME with more than one brand?

No. No two brands can have the same CNAME verified at the same time.

I kept my same domain but changed hosts. Will my CNAME still work?

No. After moving your domain to a new host, you'll need to follow the steps in this article again to set up a new CNAME record.

I'm using Cloudflare and having trouble setting up a CNAME record that works.

If you're using Cloudflare, be sure to turn off or disable proxies. You should see a grey cloud instead of an orange one.

How do I edit my URL metadata for social media sites?

For information on customizing your metadata, click here.

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