At Dubsado, we believe your brand should be front and center. Your clients will never see any Dubsado logos or "powered by Dubsado" messaging on your forms, invoices, or schedulers. You can upload your logo and choose a brand color in your branding settings.

Clients will see Dubsado branding in the domain name of URLs, browser tabs, and social media link previews unless you customize them.

Domain name

When you share a form, invoice, or scheduler with a client, the URL will include the domain name. You can brand this by setting up a custom CNAME record with your own domain host.

Browser tab

The page title and favicon that appear at the top of the browser for client-facing pages will show Dubsado branding, but you can customize these under Settings (the gear icon) >> Domain names.

You can add a custom image and description for social media link previews under Settings (the gear icon) >> Domain names. Below is what the preview looks like on social media if you do not customize it.

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