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Share a photo gallery in the client portal
Share a photo gallery in the client portal

Use a one-time link to easily share photo galleries with your clients

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Updated Feb 19, 2024

You can add outside links to the client portal for your client to access at any time. This is perfect for sharing a photo gallery, dropbox files, or social media links.

Add an external link to the client portal

  1. Go to Projects and click on your client.

  2. Click the Forms tab.

  3. In the dropdown, scroll to Create One-Time Link. A popup appears.

    arrow pointing to create one time link
  4. Type in a title and paste in the sharing URL of your client's gallery.

  5. Click Add.

  6. Once added, hover over and click Apply to Portal.

arrow pointing to apply to portal

👋 Here's a tip... You can also send your link as a button in an email. This is a great way to notify your client that their gallery is ready. Just hover over the link and click Send to start an email draft.

Client's portal view

In the client portal, click on the Projects tab. Select the project and scroll down under Documents.

arrow pointing to the clickable external link


Can you show external links on the client portal home page?

No. You can only add external links to individual projects.

How do you delete the link from the client portal?

Go to the client’s project and under the Forms tab, click the trashcan icon. It will be deleted from the client’s project and the client portal.

arrow pointing to the trashcan icon

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