CloudSpot (this link will give you 20% off CloudSpot forever) is a stunning way to create and to deliver online galleries to your clients. 

Current Integration - Adding galleries from CloudSpot into the client portal all through Dubsado.  

Once you have a CloudSpot account, you can head to Dubsado.  Click your logo at the top right and then CURRENT BRAND SETTINGS >> INTEGRATIONS. 

On this page you can then connect to CloudSpot. 

Now go through and connect your CloudSpot account by signing in the prompt and Authorize Access.

Now you are connected!

Once you have created your galleries in CloudSpot (learn the how to for that here), you can head to a job or lead page.  Under FORMS you can pick from the dropdown "Add CloudSpot Gallery Link"

Once I click to add my gallery link, it will pop up with all my available galleries that I have not added yet.

This will now add it to the job.  

VIEW - opens a new tab to view the link
SEND - allows you to send the gallery link via email in Dubsado
EDIT - allows you to change the gallery if need be
MARK SENT - puts the link in the client portal for clients to access there.
**CloudSpot galleries will appear on the homepage of the client portal as well as in documents**

We are excited for part 1 of our integration and look forward to all the more possibilities with CloudSpot.

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