You'll no longer run into an issue where the statuses of your workflows are unknown.  Know where EACH client is in a specific workflow at a glance.  Easily see what has happened or yet to happen.  Check off to dos from this view, and edit actions right in place. This update will level up your client game and cut out a lot of headache in staying on top of where each of your clients are at in your processes. 

To get to the overview view, click into TEMPLATES >> WORKFLOW and click VIEW to view that workflow overview:

OR you can go into a job or lead and under WORKFLOW there, you can view all projects on that workflow:

Once clicked, it will pull up with the overview.

I can easily see at a glance ALL my projects on that workflow.  What is nice about this feature is the ability to see at a glance what is paused / active, what has been completed, in progress, or what actions might have failed to run.  

From this view you can check off to do actions:


You can also hover over the actions to get more info about them and click incomplete actions to force them or do more actions:

We have optimized it for LARGE workflows as well.  As an example, I shrunk my screen to show you.  With long workflows both horizontally and vertically, you will always know what you are looking at since the X and Y axis are always in view.

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