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Project tags

Categorize your projects for quick identification and filtering.

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Updated Jun 16, 2023

Project tags help you label similar projects. They appear as small colored dots next to the project title on the Projects page. Hover over a dot to see the name of the tag.

screenshot of a tag applied to a project

Use tags to differentiate projects by service type. For example, a photographer could create tags titled “headshots”, “wedding”, or “maternity”. You can have multiple tags on a project.

In this article:

Create a tag

arrow pointing to customize button
  1. Go to Projects >> Customize.

  2. Scroll down to the Tags section and click Add Tag.

  3. Enter a name for the tag.

  4. Click the color square to select a color.

  5. Click Save.

Apply or remove a tag from a project

Open a project to apply one or more tags that will autosave. Click on the X next to a tag to remove it.

screenshot of where to apply or remove tags

Edit or delete a tag

Go to Projects >> Customize then scroll down to the Tags section. Click on any tag to edit the name and color, delete, or archive.

Deleting a tag will automatically remove it from all projects. Archiving a tag will delete the tag, but the tag stays attached to the project. When you open the project, you’ll see an Archived label next to the tag.

screenshot of an archived tag

Filter projects by tag

To filter a project:

  1. On the Projects page, click on the project status you want the filter to apply to.

    • Filters depend on the project status view. To filter all projects, click All under the Combined category.

      screenshot with arrow of the combined category
  2. Click the Filter button.

  3. Use the Select tags dropdown to select one or more tags.

🚨 If you select multiple tags, the filter will only show projects that have all the selected tags applied, not projects with one tag or the other.

From here, click Export to download a CSV file of the filtered projects.


Can I send an email to all projects with a specific tag?

No. All communication in Dubsado is one-on-one inside each project. We recommend filtering and exporting your projects to get an email list that you can mass email outside of Dubsado.

Can you automatically apply tags to a project?

Yes. In Templates >> Workflows, use the Create tag action.

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