What is a workflow?

A workflow is a series of automated steps, like sending emails and forms. When you apply a workflow to a project, Dubsado will automatically run each step for you!

Your goal is to set up your entire client process in Dubsado, from the very beginning of working with a new client all the way to completing your work together. Most or all of your process may be able to be automated using a workflow or series of workflows.

Check out the video above to learn more about workflows and what they do!


When I create a workflow under Templates >> Workflows, does that mean it's up and running?

No. Workflow templates are "dormant" until they are applied to projects. For example, if you have a workflow set up with an action send an email after an invoice is paid in full, it will only run if you apply that workflow to a project. It will not send an email to every client when an invoice is paid in full just because the template exists.

Can workflows automate recurring tasks?

No. Workflows are not capable of automating actions that recur indefinitely.

Can a workflow start another workflow?

Yes! You can use the Start a Workflow action to kick off another workflow as long as it's a different workflow. A workflow cannot start itself over again.

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