If you are wanting to create mailing lists, mass emails, promo emails and such it is still the best practice to use a newsletter service for that (Active Campaign, Covert Kit, MailChimp, to name a few).  These services are built specifically for newsletters and mass email sending.

Dubsado can send emails though and automatically if you set it up.  Do not confuse our workflows with mass sending like a newsletter service can do.  Workflows are applied to projects and send out forms and emails to your clients based on what you set up.  You can carry out your ex: on-boarding process all in Dubsado, BUT say you wanted to send a mass email to all your new clients, this is where a newsletter service is perfect for you.

So how do I get my newsletter service and Dubsado to talk?

There are two ways.

  1. Use Zapier.  Zapier is an amazing automation tool that is a bridge between one platform to another and can carry out tasks between them.  For example, when a lead capture form is received in Dubsado, you want that email to also add to your MailChimp list.  Zapier will add that email to the mailing list after the lead form has been completed.  Learn more about Zapier and Dubsado here and here.

  2. Export your projects or address book into a .CSV file and import into your desired newsletter service.  
    - To export projects and associated emails head to PROJECTS and click on the funnel you wish to export and then click EXPORT on the right side. 

- To export the address book, head to UTILITIES >> ADDRESS BOOK and click EXPORT at the top right.

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