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My scheduler shows that I am unavailable during times that should be available to book.
My scheduler shows that I am unavailable during times that should be available to book.
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Your scheduler is showing that you are unavailable for appointments during a certain time, but you expected those slots to be available based on your default appointment availability.

Solution #1: Fix Conflicting "Busy" Events

Events in Dubsado and on your connected external calendar can be set to show you as Available/Free or Busy. If an appointment, project, or event on your connected calendar is set to Busy, the scheduler will make you unavailable for appointments during that time.

Look for any events on your calendar that are set to Busy and conflict with the time you wanted to be available on your scheduler.

If it's a Dubsado project (black or blue event on the Dubsado calendar)...

  1. Click on the event to open the project.

  2. Click on the project date.

  3. Under Show me as select Available.

  4. Click Apply.

If it's an event on your connected calendar (orange event on the Dubsado calendar)...

  1. Open the event on your calendar OUTSIDE of Dubsado.

  2. Look for an Available/Busy or a Free/Busy setting.

  3. Set the event to Available or Free.

After making these changes, you'll need to refresh the page where you were viewing the scheduler if you had it open. Note that it could take a few minutes to update.

Solution #2: Double Check Your Scheduler Template

If there are no conflicting calendar events and you still have blocked availability on your scheduler, review the settings on your scheduler template:

Solution #3: Update the Scheduler Inside a Project

If you recently changed any availability settings on your scheduler template but had previously sent out a scheduling invite to a client through their project (manually or via workflow), the client's copy of the scheduler will not have the changes. This is because editing a master scheduler template does not affect any copies of that template that you've already sent to clients.

To make changes to an individual copy of a scheduler template on a project:

  1. Go to the Appointments >> Pending tab of the project.

  2. Click on the scheduler you'd like to edit (anywhere on the box containing the scheduler, just not the Open or Send buttons).

  3. Make your changes.

  4. Click Save.

After saving the changes, you do not need to re-send the scheduler. Any changes will be automatically be live at the link you've already sent, but you could click Send on the scheduler to re-send it if you'd like!

Still having trouble? Email or click on the chat icon in the lower right corner and we'll be happy to help!

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