Connect a calendar account

Connect your Google, Apple, or other calendar account to Dubsado.

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Staying on top of all that you have going on in your business is important! Connecting a calendar account to Dubsado will:

  • allow you to see events from your external calendar in Dubsado

  • show Dubsado-created events, like scheduled appointments, tasks with due dates, and projects, on your external calendar

  • enable the Dubsado scheduler to read events on your external calendar and automatically block off your availability when there is a conflict

⚠️ Heads up! Only one calendar account may be connected per user, and only the brand-owner's calendar is used for scheduling.

Connect a calendar account

  1. Go to Calendar in the main menu.

  2. Click Calendar Settings in the upper right corner.

  3. Click Sync Calendar.

  4. Select your calendar account provider in the new tab that opens and follow the sign in process to get connected.

  5. After the Dubsado calendar reloads, click Calendar Settings.

  6. Link calendars from your account and adjust the import and export settings (see below).

👋 Here's a tip... some providers, such as Apple, will require you to have an app-specific password to connect. If you can't sign into your calendar account, you may need to set up an app-specific password through your calendar provider.

Link calendars from your account

Although you can only connect one calendar account to Dubsado, you probably have multiple calendars inside that account to organize different types of events.

On the Calendar Settings page, you'll see all of the available calendars in your connected account. Click Link Calendar next to each calendar you want to sync with Dubsado.

For each calendar you link, check the boxes to:

  • import that calendar’s events into Dubsado

  • export all Dubsado events to that calendar

  • both import and export

Once you link an available calendar, it will appear under Synced Calendars. You can click on a synced calendar to adjust its import and export settings.

Import synced calendar events

All events from calendars set to import will appear in a light orange color on your Dubsado calendar:

The Dubsado scheduler will check calendars set to import for availability conflicts. Events marked as "busy" on your synced calendar will automatically make you unavailable for scheduler appointments during those times.

For example, you add a calendar event for your child's birthday party to a synced calendar that is set to import. Clients will not be able to book with you during the time of your child's party on any of your schedulers.

If you have any calendars that you don't want Dubsado to check for scheduling conflicts, leave the import option for those calendars unchecked.

For example, you have a calendar with events for planning blog posts. If the events on the blog post calendar should not affect your availability, do not link that calendar with Dubsado.

Export Dubsado's calendar

Setting a synced calendar to export allows you to see Dubsado events, such as projects with dates and scheduled appointments, while looking at your calendar outside of Dubsado. This is great for staying up to date on Dubsado events from your phone or desktop calendar app.

For example, you have a synced calendar called "Work" set to export. When you look at your calendar outside of Dubsado, you'll see all of the Dubsado events on the "Work" calendar.

⚠️ Heads up! We recommend checking the box for export for only one of your synced calendars. Otherwise, you'll see multiple copies of Dubsado events.


Can I connect more than one calendar account?

No, only one calendar account can be connected to your Dubsado account at a time.

Can I connect different calendars with different brands?

If you have more than one brand that you access under the same login, you'll see the same calendar account connected in both brands.

Syncing and the import/export settings for each calendar within the connected account are controlled separately for each brand. For example, if you have Calendar 1 and Calendar 2 in your connected calendar account, you could sync Calendar 1 in Brand A and Calendar 2 in Brand B.

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