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Intro to scheduling in Dubsado

Eliminate the back-and-forth and allow your clients to schedule an appointment time based on the availability you've set.

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The scheduler gives your clients the ability to book appointments with you. Instead of going back and forth via email trying to decide on a time for a meeting, a paid coaching session, or a venue tour, you can send out a scheduler and your client can book at their convenience.

The scheduler is built right into Dubsado and integrates with your connected external calendar! If it suits your needs, you can replace your current scheduling tool with the Dubsado scheduler.

How it works

Scheduler templates

Using the scheduler begins with creating a scheduler template. You can create multiple scheduler templates for different types of appointments! Each scheduler template allows you to customize the guidelines for that type of appointment, such as:

  • Appointment duration

  • Your preferred default availability (e.g. Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM)

  • Custom confirmation and reminder emails

You can also choose to require payment before the client can book their appointment, or attach a Dubsado form to collect additional details, like contact information for a brand new lead that wants to have a consultation call.

Booking appointments

Once you create a scheduler template, it can be shared in a variety of ways:

When your client views the scheduler, they will be able to select a date and time that works for them. Dubsado uses the default availability you set on the scheduler template, cross checks it with conflicts from any external calendar you've connected, and only shows the available appointment slots to your client.

Once your client chooses a date and time and submits their selection, the appointment will be booked and they will automatically receive a confirmation email. You'll be notified too!

If you set up reminder emails, those will be sent out to the client leading up to the appointment at the times you scheduled. You can include buttons that allow the client to cancel or reschedule in the reminder emails as well.


When a client books, will the appointment be added to my calendar?

Yes! Booked appointments will show up on your Dubsado calendar in green. If you have an external calendar connected and turned on for export, Dubsado will add the event to that connected calendar as well.

Can the scheduler send text message (SMS) reminders?

At this time, the scheduler can only send email reminders. Text message reminders are on our radar and we hope to add them in the future!

Does the scheduler integrate with video conferencing software like Zoom or Google Meet?

Yes! We connect with Google Meet, GoTo Meeting, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. You can learn more about the video conferencing integration here.

Can clients book appointments with multiple team members? For example, me and my business partner?

For now, we cannot accommodate scheduling with multiple team members on multiple calendars since the scheduler can only determine availability from the brand owner's connected calendar.

Can I use the scheduler to just show my availability on my website without having clients actually book?

The scheduler is ideal for a client who is ready to book and confirm a date that will go right on your calendar. So if you run an event venue, for example, you might use the scheduler for clients to instantly book an onsite tour. But actually booking the venue for an event likely requires more steps and you might not want clients to take a date right on your website without speaking with them first.

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