Connect an external calendar

Connect your Google, Apple, or other calendar account to Dubsado.

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Updated Mar 14, 2024

By connecting an external calendar account to Dubsado, you’ll be able to:

  • see events from your external calendar in the Dubsado calendar

  • see events created in Dubsado (such as appointments, tasks, and projects) from your external calendar

  • allow the Dubsado scheduler to automatically block off availability based on your external calendar

We highly recommend connecting your calendar to Dubsado to prevent double-booking clients with personal appointments.

Calendar providers compatible with Dubsado

Before you connect an external calendar with Dubsado, make sure that your calendar account is with one of the following providers:

  • iCloud

  • Google

  • Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft Exchange

  • Microsoft Outlook

If your calendar uses a different provider, you will need to switch over to one of the above-listed providers. This is because Dubsado uses Cronofy, a third-party integration app, to connect external calendars. Dubsado can connect with external calendar providers that Cronofy supports.

Connect a calendar account

To connect your external calendar with Dubsado:

  1. Click on Calendar > Calendar Settings > Sync Calendar.

    arrow pointing to sync calendar
  2. From the new tab that opens, select your calendar provider.

  3. Follow the prompts to log in to your calendar account. After you follow all the prompts, you will be redirected back to Dubsado’s Calendar page.

  4. Click Calendar Settings > Link Calendar.

    arrow pointing to link calendar
  5. A popup will appear for you to import or export calendar events.

    screenshot to sync calendar
  6. Click Save. You’ll be redirected to the Calendar page and your calendar is now connected with Dubsado!

Heads up! To connect your iCloud calendar to Dubsado, you’ll need an app-specific password, not your regular Apple password. For assistance, see our article on creating an app-specific password.


Can I connect more than one calendar account in Dubsado?

You can only connect one calendar to your Dubsado account at a time. However, if this calendar has additional calendars shared with it from other accounts, connecting the primary calendar will automatically include all the synced calendars.

Heads up! When syncing secondary calendars with the main calendar, all calendar accounts must belong to the same provider — for example, all Google calendars or all Outlook calendars.

The exact sequence may differ depending on your calendar provider, but please use the steps below as a guide:

  1. Log in to your secondary calendar accounts.

  2. Share those calendars with your main calendar account. Make sure you grant full editing and sharing permissions.

  3. Back in Dubsado, connect the main calendar. The secondary calendars will then also appear in Dubsado.

  4. Click Link Calendar next to each calendar to sync with Dubsado.

    arrow pointing to link calendar
  5. Add import and export settings for each calendar separately.

Can I connect different calendars with different brands?

If you have multiple Dubsado brands, each brand can have its own different calendar synced. Calendars are controlled separately for each brand.

Will the Dubsado calendar block availability based on multi-user calendars?

The Dubsado calendar won’t block availability from a multi-user’s calendar. Only the brand owner’s calendar can be used for scheduling.

To bring multi-user calendars into Dubsado, have the multi-user share their calendar with the brand owner using the external calendar (such as Google or iCloud calendar). That way, Dubsado can account for multi-user events when looking at the brand owner’s calendar.

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