One external calendar account may be synced with Dubsado per user. This will allow you to see all of the events from that calendar account within the Dubsado calendar.

You can also have appointments booked through the scheduler show up on your calendar AND have other external events block out dates on your scheduler so you are not double booked. All you need to do is connect your calendar account to Dubsado.

How to Sync Your Calendar Account

Head to the Calendar tab on the main menu and click on Calendar Settings in the upper right corner. Connecting an external calendar account (Google, Apple, etc.) to Dubsado here will:

  • Allow you to see events from your external calendar in Dubsado
  • Sync Dubsado-created events, like scheduled appointments, tasks with due dates, and projects, to your external calendar
  • Enable the Dubsado Scheduler to read events on your external calendar and automatically block off your availability to prevent double bookings

Click on the Sync Calendar button to get started. This will open up a new window asking you to select your calendar account provider. You will then be lead through the sign in process to get connected. Some providers will require you to have an app-specific password.

Import and Export Settings

Once your account is synced, you’ll see a list of all the calendars you have on that account. Click Link Calendar next to the calendars you want to link with Dubsado.

For each calendar you link, you’ll need to choose whether you want to

  • Import that calendar’s events into Dubsado
  • Export Dubsado’s events to that calendar
  • or both

Import Synced Calendar Events

Turning Import on allows events on your linked calendars to appear in Dubsado. In the Scheduler's case, setting a linked calendar to Import will tell Dubsado to block your Scheduler off for dates / times you have other events happening.

For example: Say you added your child's birthday party to your linked calendar with the IMPORT setting turned on. Because you have IMPORT on, no clients will be able to book with you during the time of your child's party.

If you have any calendars that you DON’T want Dubsado to check for scheduling availability, be sure to leave IMPORT for those calendars off.

For example: You have a calendar with events for blog posts and marketing schedules. If those marketing tasks should NOT affect your availability, DO NOT link that calendar with Dubsado!

Export Dubsado's Calendar

Turning Export on will sync Dubsado events to your connected calendar so they appear on your phone/computer.

We recommend turning Export on for ONE CALENDAR ONLY - otherwise you may see multiple copies of Dubsado events.

You’re all set!

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