With the Project Tracking element on your lead capture form, questionnaire, or proposal, you can track where your new leads are coming from - automatically!

This element adds a dropdown box to your form where your potential client can select from the project sources you've created. Simply drag the Project Tracking element into your form and click on it to set up your sources.

Under "Add Source" choose the sources you would like to add as options to your dropdown. You can then re-order the sources as you'd like them to appear. Clients filling out the form will not see your tag colors.

Now when a client fills out and submits your form, Dubsado will automatically add the project source tag to the project for the source they selected in the dropdown. You may wish to make this field required on a lead capture form so that all new leads are created with source data.

If a project already has a Referral Source and a form with a Project Tracking Element is filled out, the source selected on the form will override the existing source on the project.

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