If you do not have a firm understanding of the difference between projects and clients and how they relate to one another, please review our Projects vs. Clients article first.

Whenever you have a new lead or client, the first step is to set up a project for them so that you can start sending emails, forms, invoices, and more. But it would be a drag if you had to enter every single client manually on the Projects page... that's where the Lead Capture form comes in!

The Lead Capture is the start of your client process.

This is how clients will make their initial inquiry about working with you and get brought into Dubsado. You can think of a Lead Capture like a contact or inquiry form - because the Lead Capture will be the first point of contact, you will likely be asking for basic contact information and what services the client is interested in.

When a potential client fills out your Lead Capture form, Dubsado will automatically create a new project with their information.

The Lead Capture can be embedded on your website - to replace your existing contact form - or shared as a direct link. So even if you don't have a website, you can still use a Lead Capture form by sharing the direct link on your social media. (Psst... check out our article on Projects vs. Clients if you're not familiar with them yet!)

Ready to build one? Closely follow the article below to ensure your form is set up correctly.

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