Using the Project Breakdown Page
Get an overview of how many projects you have and the net income of those projects per source.
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If you have created and applied Project Source tags to your projects or are using a Project Tracking element on a form, you can view Project Source data on the Project Breakdown page.

The Project Breakdown Page

Head to REPORTING >> PROJECT BREAKDOWN to view graphs, charts, and data related to your Project Sources.


Date Filtering

Within that page, you will see some added charts to show the number of inquires you are receiving over a period of time. If you are using a custom date range on the PROJECT BREAKDOWN page, it must be at least a 7 day date range.  


Source Filtering 

If you would like to only filter by a source you can as well.  In REPORTING >> PROJECT BREAKDOWN click FILTER on the right side of that page.

Average Projects / Week

This is the number of projects that you have brought in on a per week average.  This only accounts for those projects you brought in WITH sources.  It will not count any projects / leads brought in without a project source.  If you haven't yet, start adding in those project sources to your lead captures or questionnaires so you can start generating those metrics.

Net Income from Booked Projects

This is the net income from the selected project sources. It accounts for all invoices and expenses on those projects with that project source.  


Exporting Sources

If you would like to export this report you can do so on the PROJECTS page, click FILTER, choose your sources and then export:

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