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What Is a Proposal?

Give your clients the power to choose how they'd like to work with you and automate invoice generation.

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Updated Jan 3, 2023

A proposal is a type of form in Dubsado. Proposals make it easy for clients to make purchases. Think of it like an online shopping cart β€” potential clients can choose from a page of your packages and offers!

example of what a proposal with packages looks like

The purpose of a proposal is to automatically create an invoice based on the packages your client selected.

β›” Heads up! The proposal is the only form that can create invoices. You can't create an invoice from a lead capture, questionnaire, contract, or sub-agreement.

You can also make your proposal public. A public proposal is embedded on your website to capture new leads, create new projects, and start workflows automatically.

Finally, cut down on the back and forth by combining the proposal, contract, and invoice. From a single link, your client can choose a service, sign a contract, and pay their invoice β€” automatically and all in one place!

A proposal is a powerful tool that streamlines your booking process. Read how to build a proposal to get started!

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