A proposal is a type of form in Dubsado that puts the power in your clients' hands to select and quantify what they would like to purchase. You can think of it almost like an online shopping cart or order form where the client can choose from the packages you've curated and displayed alongside enticing images and engaging copy about your offerings.

The purpose of a proposal is to generate an invoice. When the proposal is submitted, any packages the client selected will automatically be added to their invoice.

If you're already clear on what the client needs ahead of time, you can take care of the selection for them and use a proposal to provide more of a quote instead by only offering one package.

You can also cut down on the back and forth by combining the proposal, contract, and invoice into a single interactive experience. From a single link in a single email, your client can submit the proposal, sign a contract, and pay their invoice. As they complete each step, your client is automatically directed to the next page.

In the settings tab of the proposal, simply check Show Contract and choose the contract template you'd like to pair with the proposal. Then check Show Invoice to include the invoice as well! If you feel you'd like to review the proposal and make further adjustments to the contract or invoice before the client proceeds, you can always leave one or both of these options turned off and send the contract and invoice separately.

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