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I don't see my task on the Dubsado calendar.
I don't see my task on the Dubsado calendar.
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You created a task, but do not see it when you look at your calendar in Dubsado.

Solution #1

If you don't see the task at all when you go to the Calendar page from the main menu, your task is missing a due date! Only tasks with due dates will appear on the calendar.

Just head to the Tasks page from the main menu and click on the task to add a due date.

Solution #2

If your task has a due date and you see it on your calendar in Dubsado, but NOT on the external calendar you've connected, double check your calendar settings to ensure you have one calendar from your account set to export.

If you recently added the task, allow a few minutes for your calendar to sync πŸ™‚

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