Using the scheduler redirect URL setting

Automatically redirect your client to an external web page after they book an appointment.

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Updated Mar 13, 2024

After your client books an appointment, you can redirect your client to a different web page outside of Dubsado. This could be a custom thank you page or a page explaining the next steps.

The automatic redirect will occur after the client has finished their booking, including completing any additional forms or paying any booking fees.

Add a redirect URL to the scheduler template

To add a redirect URL to your scheduler template:

  1. Go to Templates > Scheduler.

  2. Select your scheduler template.

  3. Click on the Advanced tab.

    arrow pointing to advanced tab
  4. Under Redirect URL, paste the page URL you would like your scheduler to redirect after your client submits it.

    redirect URL input field

Using the redirect URL to link to a Dubsado scheduler

There are two scenarios where you may want to use the redirect URL to link to a Dubsado scheduler:

  • If you want to redirect the scheduler back to itself for quick scheduling at in-person events

  • If you want an existing client to book multiple appointments at a time

Redirect the scheduler back to itself at in-person events

Adding the scheduler link as the redirect URL makes it so that when a client books, the scheduler will automatically reload the same scheduler after someone books so it's ready for the next person to fill out.

To add the scheduler link as a redirect URL:

  1. Go to Templates > Scheduler and select the scheduler.

  2. Click the sharing link for your scheduler.

    arrow pointing to sharing link
  3. Copy the URL generated under Direct Link.

  4. Go back to the scheduler and click on the Advanced tab.

  5. Under Additional form, add a lead capture form so a project will be created for each client.

  6. Under Redirect URL, paste the scheduler’s URL.

  7. Click Save.

Have clients book multiple appointments at a time

Manually adding the scheduler to your client's project will generate a unique URL for the scheduler. Adding the scheduler’s unique URL as the redirect URL will allow clients to book multiple appointments in succession without having to re-open the scheduler.

To set up the scheduler and redirect URL:

  1. Go to Projects and select your client’s project.

  2. Click on the Appointments tab.

  3. Click Schedule Appointment > Use Existing Scheduler Template.

  4. Select the scheduler template. The template will be added to the client’s project under the Pending tab.

  5. From the newly added scheduler template, click Open. The scheduler will open in a new window.

    arrow pointing to open button
  6. Copy the scheduler’s URL.

  7. Go back to Dubsado, and click anywhere on the scheduler template to edit the scheduler.

  8. Click the Advanced tab.

  9. Under Redirect URL, paste the scheduler’s URL.

  10. Click Save.

  11. Click Send to email the scheduler to the client.

👋 Here’s a tip… Clients who schedule appointments with the above steps will not trigger any workflow actions.


Will my client still see the default confirmation page?

The default Dubsado appointment confirmation page will not appear because the redirect URL page replaces this confirmation page.

However, your client will still get a confirmation email for the appointment, so make sure your email contains appointment smart fields so your clients know when their appointment is.

Can I use the redirect URL to link to a Dubsado form?

You cannot paste in a link to a Dubsado form. To attach a form to your scheduler, use the Additional form setting instead.

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