Multi-user notification settings
Get the scoop on how you and your team will manage Dubsado notifications.
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Each multi-user on a brand manages their own notification preferences, giving everyone flexibility on how they'd like to stay up to date! Additionally, the notification preferences you set for one brand do not carry over to any other brands you have access to.

Multi-user roles and notifications

The multi-user's role will determine which notification preferences are available to them. For example, if you have a basic user with no access to invoices or contracts, the invoice and contract notification settings will not be visible to them.

Basic users will also only receive notifications for projects to which they are assigned. If a form is filled out in a project not assigned to a basic user, they will not receive a notification even if the alert for when a form is complete is enabled.

Essentially, if a user wouldn't see it while accessing your brand, they won't get a notification about it!


If I click "Mark all as read" under the bell icon to clear my notifications, does that clear the notifications for the other users working in the same brand?

No, clearing your own notifications does not clear them for other multi-users. Each user will still see their notifications as unread until they clear them.

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