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I set up browser push notifications but I am not receiving them
I set up browser push notifications but I am not receiving them
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Updated Sep 5, 2023


You set up push notifications for your browser but you aren't receiving them when you expect them to.

Solution 1

Confirm that notifications are turned on in the browser. Please keep in mind that push notifications don’t work in Safari or Internet Explorer.

At one point, you may have blocked browser notifications. You can tell this in Dubsado if you’re not able to click Subscribe under Push notifications.

To fix this, confirm that notifications are allowed in the browser. In Chrome and Firefox, click on the lock icon next to the URL while you’re in Dubsado. A popup will appear.

Next to Notifications, click on the toggle to allow notifications. You’ll need to reload the Dubsado page after.

Solution 2

When filling out a form or a contract to trigger a notification as a test, check that you are completing the form in an incognito window or private browser. Alternatively, log out of Dubsado before opening and completing the form.

If you complete a form while Dubsado recognizes you as the business owner, a notification will not be triggered.

Solution 3

Check if your laptop has stopped notifications for some reason, such as being on Do Not Disturb or Focus Assist mode. In order to receive the Dubsado browser push notifications, these settings will need to be turned off on your device.

For macOS:

  1. Go to System Preferences > Notification & Focus.

  2. From the Notifications tab, select your browser from the left sidebar.

  3. Turn on Allow Notifications for your browser and change your alert style to Banners or Alerts.

  4. Go to the Focus tab and make sure Do Not Disturb is turned off.

For Windows:

Please review this Microsoft notification article for instructions on checking notifications for Windows 10 or 11.

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