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Customizing your notifications is as easy as going to Settings (the gear icon) >> Notifications and checking the boxes for the notifications you'd like to receive. Once you save your changes, your preferences will take effect immediately.

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Types of notifications

Dubsado offers three types of notifications:

  • Push: notification from your web browser... even if you don't have Dubsado open!

  • Dashboard: notification via the bell icon in the top navigation bar

  • Email: notification sent via email to your preferred email address

Push notifications

Push notifications will slide in from the right side of your screen and disappear after a few seconds. As long as your browser is open, you'll get a notification... even if you don't have Dubsado pulled up!

⚠️Heads up! Safari and Internet Explorer do not support push notifications.

You'll need to allow push notifications from Dubsado in your web browser before you can choose which notifications you want to receive.

  1. Click Subscribe under Push notifications.

  2. Your browser will prompt you to allow notifications from Click Allow.

  3. Check the Push option for any events you want to be notified of via your browser.

When you see a push notification, click on it to be taken to the corresponding page in Dubsado (except for scheduler appointment notifications).

πŸ‘‹ Here's a tip... if you clicked Block when your browser asked you to allow notifications, you can still allow them by going into your browser's settings (different for every browser).

Dashboard notifications

When you receive a dashboard notification, you'll see a red indicator appear next to the bell icon in the top navigation bar. Click on the bell to view your notifications. To clear the red indicator, click Mark all as read.

With dashboard notifications turned on, you'll also see an updated notification count in your browser tab. This will clear when you click Mark all as read from the bell icon as well.

Email notifications

Go to the Notifications settings page to set your preferred email address for email notifications. By default, this will be the same as your login email.

Notifications with multiple brands and users

Notifications and Multiple Brands

If you have more than one Dubsado brand, you will customize your notification settings for each brand separately. The preferences you set in one brand will not carry over to any other brands you own or have been invited to as a multi-user.

Notifications and Multi-Users

Each user has individual control over their notification preferences. This means that if you invite multi-users to have access to your brand, they will be able to set their own notification preferences!

For more information on multi-users and notifications, click here.

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