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Manually sync invoices and payments with QuickBooks
Manually sync invoices and payments with QuickBooks
Manage your invoices and manually sync invoices and payments with QuickBooks if needed.
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When you connected QuickBooks to Dubsado, you had a few options for automatically syncing future invoices and payments.

Whether you decided on keeping things manual, or you have some existing invoices you want to sync over, this article walks through the different syncing statuses and how to sync invoices and payments manually.

⚠️ Heads up! If you haven't connected QuickBooks Online to your Dubsado account yet, you'll need to do that first. Here's how to set that up!

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Quickbooks statuses

Go to Reporting >> Invoices to manage all of the invoices in your brand and see their current status with QuickBooks.

There are 4 different statuses:

  • Not Synced

  • Pending

  • Synced

  • Error

Not Synced

The Not Synced status means the invoice has not been sent over to QuickBooks. You can sync this invoice and/or the invoice and its payments from the action menu (the three dots icon).

If you have multiple invoices you'd like to sync at one time, use the bulk actions menu. Select all the invoices you'd like to sync using the checkboxes, then select an option from the bulk action menu at the top.


The Pending status means that this invoice is on its way over to Quickbooks, but hasn't successfully synced just yet. Once the sync is successful, it will change to the synced status.

πŸ‘‹ Here's a tip... you may need to refresh your page to see the status update after syncing.


The Synced status means the invoice has been successfully sent from Dubsado to QuickBooks.

Any payments that were not synced can be synced manually. Just click Sync next to any payment you'd like to send over.

If the invoice status is "Synced" but you don't see the "Sync" option next to any of the payments, that means they were already sent over to QuickBooks!


Invoices with the error status will give you the option to retry the sync.

Most QuickBooks syncing errors are caused by using the incorrect taxes on your invoice line items, so you'll need to apply the correct taxes before retrying the sync.

If you don't collect sales tax, but are still seeing an error, check in with our team through chat or email – we will be happy to help!

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